Open Show 27 May 2017
Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Thorpe Willoughby, Nr Selby
Rough Collies - Avis Annable Smooth Collies - Duna Jones Best in Show - Rod Slater

From the left, BVIS Sabiha's Sweet Melody, BIS BPIS Koczkodan Nostromo, BOB Rough Gerian Sun Kisses Over Corisian, BPIB Rough Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (1-0 )
Ladnar One More Time For Didek

Veteran Dog (0)

Minor Puppy Dog (1-0)
1st Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell BPD RBDIB

Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog (2-0)
1st Jopium Danny Boy At Lingwell
2nd Barrenclough Diamond Days

Maiden Dog (1-1)

Graduate Dog (6-1)
1st Barrenclough Diamond Days
2nd Rosschell Will.I.Am At Libanel
3rd Highnol Echos In The Mist For Welanga
Res. Sunakar Elvis Presley

Post Graduate (3-0)
1st Barrenclough Diamond Days
2nd Alanita Razzle Dazzle
3rd Sunakar Elvis Presley

Limit Dog (2-0)
1st Amberwish Frankie Frederiz
2nd Ileyda Seb Vetttel

Open Dog (3-1W)
1st Tiganlea Too Good To Be Forgotten BDIB
2nd Ileyda Seb Vettel

Veteran Bitch (2-0)
1st Sabiha's Sweet Melody BVIB BVIS
2nd Sabiha's Songbird With Sachenda

Minor Puppy Bitch (1-0)
1st Samhaven Hopeful Ladnar BPB RBPIS

Puppy Bitch (2-0)
1st Danfrebek Platinum Dust Alanita
2nd Pomnenka Where Is The Love

Junior Bitch (2-0)
1st Gerian Sun Kisses Over Corisian BBIB BOB RBIS
2nd Barrenclough Touch Of Thyme

Maiden Bitch (2-1)
1st Barrenclough Touch Of Thyme

Graduate Bitch (5-1)
1st Erjon Euphoric For Alanita
2nd Aniesh Misty Blue Moon Of Siluto
3rd Coarhabeg Forget Me Not At Pomnenka
Res. Barrenclough Golden Pearl

Post Graduate Bitch (3-0)
1st Telforth Little Mix
2nd Amberwish Theme For A Dream
3rd Barrenclough Golden Pearl

Limit Bitch (7-1)
1st Ladnar Inkheart JW
2nd Beldones Oh La La Camanna
3rd Barrenclough Golden Charm At Westoak
Res. Jopium Magical Dream

Open Bitch (5-1)
1st Danfrebek Amazing Grace For Alanita RBBIB
2nd Ronansprey Midnight Kiss
3rd Erjon Emma Jean With Highnol
Res. Gemastra Jusy One Kiss At Treweek

Veteran Dog (1-0)
1st Foxearth Fashion Guru For Koczkodan RBDIB

Puppy Dog (4-1)
1st Koczkodan Nostromo BPIS BDIB BOB BIS
2nd Jules Vom Palais Brinn
3rd Westbridge Sea Storm

Junior Dog (0)

Post Graduate Dog (1-1)

Open Dog (1-1)
Veteran Bitch (1-0)
1st Manordeifi Satin Doll Of Koczkodan

Puppy Bitch (3-1)
1st Westbridge Ionia Sea BPIB

Junior Bitch (0)

Post Graduate Bitch (1-0)
1st Breckamore Bittersweet For Koczkodan RBBIB

Open Bitch (1-0)
1st Foxearth Finnish Spirit At Jimjack SHCM BBIB